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Do I need to apply for a visa to Malaysia?

Malaysia has a visa-exemption for many countries. For instance, if you are a citizen of any CIS countries, you can stay visa-free in Malaysia for 30 days. This amount extends to 90 days for citizens of Kyrgyzstan. However, All visitors must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months.

How do children fly to Malaysia? on their own or with an escort?

Child safety comes first to us. For our part, we send counselors who accompany the children during the flight. Groups with escorts fly from Moscow, Almaty, Nur-Sultan, and Tashkent. To issue a power of attorney, we send you all the necessary data of the accompanying person.

If your child is 12 years old and cannot join the group, you can issue a power of attorney for the airline and your child flies separately from the group. Our counselor will meet your child at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Will the child be under constant supervision?

Counselors throughout the camp are with children 24/7. We also have night shift counselors who constantly monitor the situation in order to make sure that the camp rules are being followed.

English teachers or native speakers?

In Embassy English and Smart camps, we especially invite language teachers from England, Australia, and America. All teachers are native speakers with teaching degrees who has experience with children.

Why is it worth participating in Malaysia Summer Camp?

Let's start with the most important reason - Safety. Malaysia is one of the safest countries for travelers; there are practically no natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other similar phenomena.

Excellent weather conditions are an additional advantage of choosing our summer camps in Malaysia. This country located in the center of Southeast Asia with an average temperature of 28C, promises eternal summers!

Malaysia is a multicultural country with three main nationalities: Chinese, Indians, and Malaysians. Also, Malaysia attracts more than 6 million tourists annually that makes it a suitable environment for everyone to enrich their knowledge and experience.

What about the meals for children?

At the Embassy English program, three meals a day are organized on the school campus. A buffet with predominantly European dishes is provided, but local cuisine is also present so that children can try national Malaysian dishes.

At the Smart Camp program, breakfast and dinner are served at the hotel, and children have lunch in a cafe near the school.

Since all participants have different taste and preferences, therefore we offer two options for children:

  • The purchase of full board for 350 USD for the entire period of the camp.
  • Self-catering. Children order food or go to a cafe accompanied by a counselor and choose food on their own choice.

If you choose the second option, you should consider an amount of 350 - 400 USD for the entire period of the camp.

Note: Meals during additional excursions and trips (Singapore, Langkawi, water park, etc.) have extra pay.

What will the participants do after classes?

What will the participants do after classes?

After class, the children will have a break for 1.5 hours and they will engage in our physical activities (which is an integral component of the program) under the supervision of our instructors.

Spending at least an hour playing sports can train not only muscles but also improves brain function. Therefore, every day we devote time to active sports like dancing, swimming, and football playing. Last year we also added yoga classes to the camp gym.

After dinner, the children begin the evening program, which includes teambuilding, logical games, tasks for creative thinking, and various games for developing leadership skills. Competition winners receive a prize amount of $ 100 EA, $ 50 EA, and $ 20 EA. Earned money can be exchanged at the end of the program for various services, goods, or souvenirs.

However, we encourage the winners to save their money in order to have a chance to win one of our three super prizes, which will be given to those who have the money in their hands, at the end of the program.

The startup is our second project under the program. Throughout the program, participants with the help of our mentors will develop their startup project on a given topic. At the end of the program, students will present their projects to the directors of various companies. Our startup project is a good way of practicing creativity, teamwork, presentation skills, public speaking skills in children.

What are the children doing on the weekend?

At the weekend, program participants go on excursions to get to know colorful Malaysia more closely. During the program, children will visit the main attractions of Kuala Lumpur, visit the firefly river, visit the Batu Cave and the city of Putrajaya.

We also have additional excursions to Singapore and the island of Langkawi.

What is the difference between Embassy English and Smart Camp? How to understand which program is suitable for my child?

Embassy English and Smart Camp programs differ in their educational programs.

Embassy English is suitable for those who wish to effectively and quickly improve their knowledge of the English language. The program accepts participants with different knowledge of English from 7 to 19 year-olds. At the program, students will be divided by their age (7-13 and 14-19) and their English level.

Smart Camp is suitable for those with an intermediate or upper intermediate level of English. The main goal of the program is to increase the level of spoken English and to overcome the language barrier. Additional skills that students will master: speed reading, touch typing, and mental arithmetic. All lessons will be conducted in the English language. The evening and after class programs are similar for both camps.

Can parents come to the camp with their children?

It is very difficult for some parents to let their children go anywhere on their own. Nonetheless, they understand that their children need to be independent. The camp is one of the best ways to teach children to live independently.

Parents can accompany their children to Malaysia and use their time to learn English. In this case, you should stay at a separate hotel from your child and attend an English course at a language school. when the program is finished, you can have quality time with your children on a family vacation to the sea or continue your journey through Southeast Asia.

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