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In the summer camp Embassy English held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, teenagers immerse themselves in the interactive reality show with its daily quests and team buildings made to improve their English language proficiency, as well as social and communication skills. English express learning courses will significantly improve language proficiency while leisure weekend days will be filled with exciting trips and excursions.

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Our principles and values:

All of our boarding and summer camps are developed with these principles and values in mind to deliver holistic skill, body and mind development to all the participants.

We believe education environment should be safe, engaging and fun and build all our camps with this principle as a base component.

We believe that sports play a very important role in teenage development.

It's scientifically proven that an active lifestyle makes a happier, more productive individuals. Having moderate sport activity modules and active team buildings on a daily basis make the camp time absolutely awesome for participants.

We believe that a good camp leader is our road to success

We find professional leaders with big hears and provide them further training to make the camps an absolute success. Most of our camp leaders have worked with us for many years and absolutely enjoy to see results in youth they develop.

We believe that social skills and ability to communicate effectively are crucial in today's society

We include components that promote these abilities in all of our boarding and summer camps.

We believe in balanced nutrition and make sure that buffet tables in our boarding camps are filled with a good variety of healthy foods.

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