Embassy.camp is a brand belonging to Embassy Alliance Travel Group that was established in 2005. Since the date of formation, it has brought thousands of students from all over the globe to enjoy all-year summer holidays in Malaysia and Singapore.

The secret of our success lies in a holistic approach to the development of teenagers. Our programs are carefully tailored to ensure that elements of learning, travel, communication, sports, time-management, new-age skills, and leadership are blended together to create camps that are equally fun active and educative. We are blessed with great comments from both participants and their parents and very happy to have many of our alumni returning into our camps for more programs.

Meet the team

Apart from these stars at the front, we have 20-50 star-people at any time working very hard on making sure that everything runs smoothly as it is supposed to be.
Every 15 participants have a camp leader attached to them. Classrooms do not include more than 20 students at any time, regardless of the program.

How do we achieve holistic results in our summer camps?

We make sure that every day of our camps is filled with education activities mixed well with sports and sightseeing. In the evenings, participants usually engage in rounds of games and team building activities that are focused on the development and practice of such skills as interaction, planning, team participation, critical thinking, decision making, and, of course, leadership! As a result, our alumni come back home as stronger and more developed persons to surprise their parents with the results they have achieved, once again confirming our motto:

Everyone is an Achiever!


13 years’ experience in educating
and training children

Over 4,000 participants
of our summer camps

24/7 security
and control


We are happy that awesome participants are happy with our camps and they would like to be here next time. If you would like to know more about our participant's reviews about Embassy Camps, please read some of their reviews

Our principles and values:

All of our boarding and summer camps are developed with these principles and values in mind to deliver holistic skill, body and mind development to all the participants.

We believe education environment should be safe, engaging and fun and build all our camps with this principle as a base component.

We believe that sports play a very important role in teenage development.

It's scientifically proven that an active lifestyle makes a happier, more productive individuals. Having moderate sport activity modules and active team buildings on a daily basis make the camp time absolutely awesome for participants.

We believe that a good camp leader is our road to success

We find professional leaders with big hears and provide them further training to make the camps an absolute success. Most of our camp leaders have worked with us for many years and absolutely enjoy to see results in youth they develop.

We believe that social skills and ability to communicate effectively are crucial in today's society

We include components that promote these abilities in all of our boarding and summer camps.

We believe in balanced nutrition and make sure that buffet tables in our boarding camps are filled with a good variety of healthy foods.